Student Success Workshops


Student Success Workshops are offered by the Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) to provide a comfortable environment where students can feel free to ask questions and engage with faculty, academic coaches, mentors, and peers.

Faculty/Staff:If you would like to request a presentation or workshop for a UGA class, student organization, or special event, we are delighted to help.

Students: A limited workshop schedule will be availble for any UGA student to attend during fall and spring semesters.


Academic Success Workshops

Ace Your Tests and Final Exams 

Attend this test preparation workshop to learn ways to: 1) better predict and prepare for difficult test questions, 2) practice problems under test-like conditions, and 3) get in sync with your professors.

Become a Better Note-taker 

Attend this workshop and learn to make a conscious effort to listen, pay attention, and actively organize information from lectures and readings to solidify your understanding and master the course content.

Effective Writing Skills for Success in College   

In this workshop, you will learn the essentials of good sentence construction, the proper formatting expected per discipline, and strategies for avoiding high frequency errors in college writing.

Managing Time, Priorities, and Procrastination

Attend this workshop and begin practicing time-management strategies proven to help organize, manage, and prioritize your academic responsibilities while maintaining adequate margin for the many opportunities to enjoy college life at UGA. 

Read Between the Lines: Effective Reading and Text Comprehension Strategies

This workshop will help you learn and practice college-level reading and learning strategies to better connect with the content and professor, maintain your focus, and manage the heavy reading load required for success in college.

Study Skills and Strategies: Essential for Success in College

Students will be introduced to the most efficient and effective study strategies for academic success in college.  Attend this workshop to learn how to truly review for tests and avoid cramming and all-nighters.


Communications Workshops

How to "Show and Tell": Presentation Aids for Public Speaking

In this workshop, students will learn how to effectively use presentation aids (i.e., Powerpoint, visual aids, interactive activities) when delivering a successful speech or group presentation.

Navigating Communication Breakdown in Group Projects

In this interactive workshop, students will learn about effective communication in group project settings. Students will also practice strategies to help them cope with communication breakdown and conflict when working with group project members. 

Nonverbal Communication in Public Speaking Events

In this workshop, students will learn more about nonverbal communication within the public speaking space.  Students will be provided nonverbal strategies and skills that promote a successful speech,  presentation, or group project presentation.


**For additional online, on-demand content, please visit our Academic Success at Georgia pages. 

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