Early Start | Early Success

The Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) empowers all students to achieve success and supports students as they transition into higher education and sustains their progress through the University’s unique academic environment. The Early Start | Early Success program provides an opportunity for first generation students to start their college career early at UGA by becoming part of TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) and attending the Freshman College Summer Experience (FCSE).

TRiO SSS is a federally funded grant program that helps transition, retain, and graduate students at UGA. This program provides opportunities for academic development, assists with college requirements, and serves to motivate students toward success.

As part of the Early Start | Early Success program, students enroll in the FCSE. 

Per USG guidelines, the University of Georgia (as a USG institution) has moved all summer 2020 classes online, including the Freshman College Summer Experience (FCSE). Due to the nature of FCSE, we have implemented the following changes in order to adhere to USG guidelines:

  • FCSE participants will take online classes in July.

  • FCSE participants will receive priority registration for Russell Hall and will live together as a cohort for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • FCSE participants will be able to move-in to Russell Hall early (tentatively scheduled for August 15th).

  • FCSE participants will participate in elements of Beyond Class curriculum during their fall 2020 semester.

The Freshman College Summer Experience will be different for summer 2020 students. Know that we are working diligently to design an online experience that will equip first-year students in their transition into the University and their success beyond the program. FCSE is a transformative four-week (July 6 - July 31, 2020) academic residential program that serves a diverse community of first-year undergraduates and is designed to foster a smooth transition from high school to college. Introducing scholars to the rigors and unique learning opportunities at America’s first state-chartered university, FCSE allows students to form meaningful academic and social networks, equipping them for future academic success. 

Students who participate in the Early Start | Early Success program are given holistic support prior to entering UGA and throughout their time at UGA including: an Early Start Day (online, June 2020), a Scholars’ Success Day (August 2020), academic tutoring and coaching, participation in the TRiO Student Support Services program, and one-on-one interaction and access to TRiO and FCSE faculty and staff.