All Georgia Scholars


Fall 2018 welcomed the first cohort of ALL Georgia Scholars as part of this unique scholarship program at UGA. The ALL Georgia Scholarship Program provides financial aid for six outstanding UGA students matriculating to UGA from rural Georgia areas each year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years and comes with a variety of programs and resources to ensure success and facilitate connections in the University community.


All students who submit their financial aid application, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA via UGA Office of Student Financial Aid), are automatically reviewed for eligibility for the ALL Georgia Scholars Program. The Office of Student Financial Aid will email students who are eligible to become an ALL Georgia Scholar and may request additional documents to verify their aid eligibility.


In addition to the ALL Georgia Program network, the cohort of ALL Georgia scholars receive summer learning opportunities, special activities to facilitate adjustment to college life and flourish in UGA’s unique learning environment, and other service and leadership opportunities to grow as a scholar, individual, and as a member of the University community. The summer before beginning their journey at UGA, Scholars receive an invitation to attend the Thrive through the Division of Academic Enhancement or Dawg Camp through the Division of Student Affairs. Each fall, we welcome the new ALL Georgia Scholars to campus through a Scholars' Success Day, optional common housing, and continuation of their cohort-based experience through an innovative UNIV 1203 seminar (more on UNIV courses) to assist with the transition from high school into higher education.

Beyond financial aid, the program surrounds students with intentional academic, networking, and co-curricular opportunities, culminating in a Scholars reception each spring. As the program matures, third and fourth-year Scholars will be invited to mentor incoming first-year Scholars and apply for a Thrive internship or Housing Resident Assistant position with an intentional assignment in the ALL Georgia Program Housing community.

For more information, please contact Mr. Andrew Long in the Division of Academic Enhancement via email at or call (706) 542-4872.