Presentation Collaboratory

UGA students looking for assistance with practicing presentations or public speaking can visit the Presentation Collaboratory located on the first floor of Milledge Hall. Make an appointment with our Communications Consultant or "drop by" during our facilitated drop-in hours. We are open to support students through May 3rd, 2022. 

Our Communications Consultant can assist with:

  • Kickstarting the speech process
  • Visualizing evidence and data
  • Sharpening language 
  • Coaching for delivery
  • Coping with communication apprehension 
  • Navigating group presentations
  • Mediating small group conflict 


  • Undergraduate students: Book an appointment with our Communications Consultant, Aarum via the Penji app. 
    • For appointment scheduling instructions, click here.
  • Graduate Students: Book an appointment with our Communications Consultant, Aarum, by clicking here.

What You Can Expect

Our Communications Consultant can meet with you during any part of your presentation or public speaking preparations. When attending drop-in hours or an appointment, please be sure to bring the following:

  • Assignment description or rubric
  • Any visual aids

The Presentation Collaboratory is stocked with a glassboard, Expo markers, Macbooks, slide advancers, podium, video camera, and two screens. Students are welcome to bring their own devices or use the ones provided.


Attend a workshop with our Communications Consultant to learn about various aspects of presenting and public speaking. For more information on Student Success Workshops, click here.

If you have any questions about the Presentation Collaboratory, please email our Communications Consultant at