Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is an appointment-based program offering UGA students the opportunity to meet with certified and trained academic coaches to discuss their pathways to success.

What is Academic Coaching?

Alongside their academic coaches, students explore common challenges they face including time management, test and performance anxiety, note-taking, motivation, text comprehension, test preparation, and other barriers to success at UGA. Typically, the coach and student work together over four sessions to create a strategic learning plan—one that lays the groundwork for awareness of what strategies and practices will be necessary for success in UGA’s unique academic environment.

Why Academic Coaching?

Compared to most high schools and transferring institutions, the subtle and demanding pace of a research institution like UGA may pose significant and unexpected challenges for students. Academic Coaching provides direct, differentiated assistance for students as they navigate this transition no matter what challenges occur in their undergraduate experience.

How do students book an appointment?

To book an appointment with an academic coach, students log onto SAGE with their UGA MyID and password, choose "My Success Network" from the (left) side menu, click "Show other services", select Division of Academic Enhancement to view team members (all are academic coaches).  To view calendars and schedule an appointment, choose "view profile" under a coach and select "Schedule".  (For more detailed, Step-by-Step, instructions, see below).  Students should complete a Self-Assessment (In-take) Survey before the appointment so the coach can adequately prepare and make the most of the first session.

Would you like to learn more about DAE's Academic Coaches?

Academic Coaches in the Division of Academic Enhancement help students achieve success in courses through sustained, outcomes-driven interactions. Coaches from faculty and staff backgrounds draw on research, extensive experience, and training to assist any UGA student.


Meet our Academic Coaches:

Keith Allen

Keith Allen

Ph.D., in progress, Higher Education, University of Georgia

M.A., Higher Education and Student Development, Taylor University

B.A., Economics, Emory University

Office: 231 Milledge Hall


As the coordinator of academic coaching and a passionate life-long learner, Mr. Allen takes a multidisciplinary approach toward supporting each student. He focuses on meeting each student where-ever they are in the process of identifying and reaching their academic, personal, and professional goals.  Keith encourages each student to consider their own strengths, interests, and unique background characteristics: ripe for development at the University of Georgia.  He also enjoys helping students use metacognitive strategies to actively engage in learning and become masters of the material for each class.  Outside of the academy, Keith enjoys the outdoors: biking, hiking, skiing, and the beach.


Wendy Biddle

Wendy Biddle

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Gifted Education of Minority Students, University of Georgia

M.A., Latin, University of Georgia

B.A., Classics and Latin, University of Georgia

Office: 223 Milledge Hall


Wendy loves working with UGA students, and has done so in a number of ways since coming to Athens as a grad student in Latin literature, followed by Educational Psychology. She has taught Classical literature and language courses in the Classics department, multicultural gifted education for Educational Psychology, and collaborated with the administration of the Freshman College Summer Experience. At the Division of Academic Enhancement, Wendy teaches various student success courses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, writing, reading, running, and spending time with her husband and family.



Maggie Blanton

Maggie Blanton

M.Ed., Educational Administration, University of Georgia

B.A., Art History, Wake Forest University

Office: 121 Milledge Hall


Maggie's almost ten years as a staff member at UGA has given her the opportunity to help students navigate UGA's unique learning environment. She started at the Division of Academic Enhancement in 2012 as the Academic Resource Center Coordinator and currently serves as the Assistant Director for Services. Maggie believes all students have the ability to harness their strengths to succeed at UGA, and that every student can benefit from the academic support provided through tutoring, academic coaching, and mentoring. Outside of work, Maggie enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time exploring all the beauty Athens has to offer with her husband and daughter.



Megan Brock

Megan Brock

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development, University of Georgia

M.S., Psychology, Applied Developmental Psychology, Clayton State University 

B.S., Psychology, Georgia Southern University 

Office: 226 Milledge Hall

Megan is a lecturer and an academic coach in the Division of Academic Enhancement. She support students in exploring empirically based learning strategies and developing strategic plans to improve their academic performance and transform their academic trajectory. She has a strong background in educational psychology and developmental psychology.



Nicholas Colvard

Nicholas Colvard

Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, Northeastern University

M.S., Biology, California State University, Northridge

B.S., Marine Biology, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Office: 215 Milledge Hall


Nick is passionate about student success in higher education and wants to help support students achieve their highest potential by equipping them with the appropriate tools and confidence in pursuit of their dreams. Nick is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Literacies lecturer, and teaches various other courses in DAE. He has a strong science background and can provide a unique perspective for students interested in or declared as a STEM major. Previously, Nick has worked in the Center for Teaching and Learning and in the School of Ecology at UGA. Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and golden retriever exploring Athens and the surrounding area.  



bekah estevez

Bekah Ingram Estevez

Ph.D., in progress, Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia

M.Ed., Community Counseling, University of Georgia 

B.S., Pscyhology, Berry College 

Office: 103 Poultry Science Building 

Email:    Office Phone: 706-583-0499

Bekah is the Academic Coach for students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. In this role, she has the privilege of working with CAES student to strategize ways they can be successful here at UGA!  As a Ph.D. Student in Counseling Psychology at UGA, Bekah takes a holistic perspective when working with students.  In addition to assessing for things like study skills and time management, she also helps students understand the importance of self-care and a work-life balance that makes sense for them. As a "Double Dawg" holding her M.Ed. in Community Counseling and now working towards her Ph.D. at Georgia, Bekah has knowledge of a vast array of resources available to students both on and off campus. Outside of school and work, Bekah can be found enjoying time with her two dogs, Winston and Leo, working out, and watching way too much Bravo TV.  



Brandon Gordon

Brandon Gordon

M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Columbia College

B.S., Mass Communications, Lander University

Office: 126 Milledge Hall


Brandon’s professional background is in student affairs, housing and student access programs.  He is passionate about working with students from underrepresented backgrounds and helping those students navigate the rigors of college.  Brandon is from Spartanburg, South Carolina and has a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration.  In his free time Brandon enjoys listening to music, playing NBA 2K, walking nature trails and spending time with his grandmother.  


Daphne Jones

Ph.D., in progress, Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia

M.Ed., Professional Counseling, University of Georgia

B.A., Psychology, Utah State University

Office: 132E Milledge Hall


Daphne Jones is a 3rd year Doctoral Candidate in the Counseling Psychology Program at UGA. She is very excited about her new role as an academic coach and is looking forward to serving the students of UGA. Daphne holds a BA in Psychology from Utah State University where she was also a student athlete in track and field specializing in the Long Jump. She also holds an M.Ed. in Community Counseling from UGA. As a PhD. Student at UGA, Daphne understands the stress of juggling multiple schedules and managing one’s time in and out of the class room. Daphne believes her vast set of skills and experience has prepared her to assist students with the challenges and opportunities that they may face. So if you are looking for assistance with time management, goal setting or self-assessment, Daphne will help you find the best tools and resources to assist you. In her spare time Daphne enjoys coaching at a local gym, photography, cooking, and working out.  


Sherontae Maxwell

Sherontae Maxwell

M.S.W., Social Work, Savannah State University

B.A., Service Learning, Mercer University

Office: 243 Milledge Hall


Sherontae Maxwell serves as the director of TRIO Student Support Services and Talent Search at the University of Georgia both federally funded grant programs by the US Department of Education. Her career with TRIO started almost twenty years ago with TRIO Programs/ GEARUP at Savannah State University. Sherontae currently serves on the state and regional board executive boards for TRIO Programs. Ms. Maxwell has also served as a personal consultant with several TRIO Programs all over the nation. She has presented workshops on many topics on state, regional and national level that include: “Best Practices in TRIO”, “Leadership 101” and “Finding Your Purpose in TRIO.” Additionally, she serves as a national trainer for TRIO personnel providing leadership and guidance for professionals.  Sherontae has a passion for serving the disadvantaged population. Her love for TRIO is evident in the lives of the many student’s she has touched throughout the years.


Rachel Pharr

Rachel Pharr

M.S.W., Social Work with Clinical Concentration, University of Georgia

B.S., Psychology with Neuroscience Emphasis, Georgia College and State University

Office: 132A Milledge Hall


With an educational background in psychology and social work and six years of experience working in Higher Education, Rachel has a true passion for helping others. In her current role as the Academic Resource Center Coordinator, she assists students with finding the perfect tutor for their most challenging courses. Rachel’s approach to working with students is centered around a belief that all students have the potential to succeed if given the proper support and environment. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, cooking, traveling, and refurbishing old furniture.



Detailed Instructions for scheduling an academic coaching session: Login to SAGE thru the MY UGA portal

  • From the (left) side menu, click on “My Success Network”.
  • Then click on “Show Other Services”.
  • Scroll down and click on the Division of Academic Enhancement-Academic Coaching block to view a list of our available Team Members / Coaches.
  • At any time, you may click on Schedule Appointment, select a reason, and view appointments available as posted in Sage.  If you are interested in meeting with a specific coach (without posted availability), you may email to inquire.
  • When you find an open slot that works with your schedule, select it, click Continue, and review it for your desired date, time, and location.
  • You may add notes for the coach, if so desired, and select Confirm to reserve your slot.
  • You have now scheduled your appointment!
  • In a few moments, you will receive an email and/or text confirmation: PLEASE REVIEW / VERIFY the LOCATION and TIME of your APPOINTMENT.

If you have questions, need assistance, or would like more information about the Academic Coaching program, please contact Keith Allen in the Division of Academic Enhancement via email at