English for Career Success

English for Career Success

About the Program

The Intensive English Program, a non-credit ESL program located in the Division of Academic Enhancement on the Athens UGA Campus, is pleased to announce its new non-degree credential on the Gwinnett Campus: English for Career Success

If you have the desire to work in the American workplace, enhance your career with the English for Career Success, a sequence of three courses designed to help you succeed in the American workplace.

Through the program, you can learn key language skills including grammar, writing, vocabulary, and reading as well as essential workplace skills including Microsoft Office basics. The courses are designed to teach you the effective way to communicate in both writing and speaking, and to make you familiar with relevant business discussion topics, so you can be sure you are prepared for success.


Program Description

What You Will Learn:

The three classes in this program will provide you with a foundation for cultural understanding of the American workplace and will prepare you to communicate with your American colleagues in both writing and speaking. You will learn about basic American work vocabulary and work culture as well as intercultural communication skills and Microsoft Office basics. Each class includes presentations, projects, engaging discussions, and portfolio development.


You may take these classes in any order:

  • Course 1: Business Basics
    • Thursday evenings 5:30-7:30PM 
  • Course 2: Microsoft Office Basics
    • Tuesday evenings 5:30-7:30PM 
  • Course 3: Business Communication
    • Time and day to be determined

Format: Gwinnett Campus

Hours: 48 hours (16 hours per course)

Date: Mid March

$400--Per Class




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If you have any questions, please email iep@uga.edu


Who Should Attend?

  • College students who want to prepare for their future career in the American workplace.
  • Adult English learners who are looking for a job.
  • Adult English learners who want to improve their English.


English For Career Success

Weekly Program Outline

From this program, students will learn:

  • To communicate with others in practical, business-oriented situations
  • To express themselves in English with confidence
  • To speak or to write in English in a variety of business contexts from negotiating, to using emails and phone calls, to making presentations

Each lesson will be supported by systematic work on core grammatical structures, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 


Course 1: Business Basics Thursday evenings 5:30-7:30PM 

Week 1. American Workplace Culture

Discuss students’ culture and explore how culture affects business communication.

  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Common misunderstandings
  • Dressing for success
    • Interpreting common dress codes
    • Deciding what to wear


Week 2. Job Hunting

  • What to prepare
  • What to expect
  • Job hunting tips


Week 3. Business Meetings

  • Meetings
    • Participating, turn-taking, listening and taking notes
    • Agreeing and disagreeing


Week 4. Business Correspondence

  • Key negotiation language, framing your argument
  • Emails—register, style, standard phrasing
    • Professionalism


Week 5. Reports

  • Appropriate style and tone
  • How to report information and ideas
  • Writing reports—style, register, conventions
  • How to make a presentation


Week 6. Team Building

  • Social dynamics in the workplace
  • Working as a team


Week 7. E-Business

  • Technology in business
  • E-mail communication
  • Websites


Week 8. Case Study Discussion

  • Team building
  • Strategy
  • Marketing



Course 2: Microsoft Office Basics Tuesday evenings 

Week 1. Utilizing Microsoft Word

  • Searching for templates online for résumés
  • Writing résumés (related to Course 3, Week 2)
  • Creating a report
  • Exporting documents in different formats


Week 2. Using PowerPoint

  • Using templates
  • Tips
  • Making a presentation


Week 3. Other website resources

  • English learning tools
  • Other business organizing applications


Week 4.  Social networking

  • Creating a Linkedin account
  • Social networking with others
  • Applying online


Course 3: Business Communication Alternate Saturday mornings

Week 1. Formal and informal language

  • Small talk, turn-taking
  • Business conversation


Week 2. Job Interviews

  • Give persuasive business pitches
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Résumé writing


Week 3. Negotiating

  • Key negotiating language, framing your argument
  • Negotiating with customers


Week 4. Telephone skills

  • Improve business telephone skills
  • Practice business calls
  • Dealing with voicemail.
  • Mobile phone do’s and don’t


Week 5. Public Speaking

  • Importance of public speaking


Week 6. Conflict Resolution Training

  • Conflict resolution process
  • Creating an effective atmosphere
  • Generating options
  • Building a solution


Week 7. Presentation I

  • Planning and preparing


Week 8. Presentation II

  • Business proposal
  • Sequencing and timing in a business presentation



Assessments and course requirements are grounded in authentic, performance-based activities that will allow students to immediately integrate new learning into their professional practice. 


Performance-based Portfolio: establish and maintain an electronic portfolio that is utilized across all coursework and effectively demonstrates individual progress in the authentic application of the knowledge, skills learned in the courses.

  • Portfolio Content:
    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • Sample of written email
    • Sample of project proposal





If you have any questions, please email iep@uga.edu



Sun Kwon, a native of Atlanta, completed her graduate degree at the University of Southern California. Since finishing her master’s, she has been active in developing and teaching English classes at the University of Georgia, and her areas of expertise include applied linguistics, issues of culture, and methodology for teaching English as a second language and/or as a foreign language.




Individuals who are interested in gaining English proficiency to thrive in an American college should visit the UGA Division of Academic Enhancement to learn more about its Intensive English Program. Learn more at iep.uga.edu.

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If you have any questions, please email iep@uga.edu.