Courses Offered

Full & Part-Time English Language Courses

We have courses available for students from of all levels from high-intermediate to advanced. Current courses include the following:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Listening and Speaking

  • Academic Vocabulary

  • Idiomatic expression

  • Debating

  • IELTS Preparation

Full-time students take 20 hours of class each week.  Part-time students can take between 4 and 16 hours of class a week.

Part-time Study

Local community members (those who already have a visa that permits language study such as J-1, J-2, and F-2 visa holders and those who are permanent US residents or citizens) can take part-time classes in the IEP.  Part-time students can take between 4 and 16 hours of class a week.   The cost of a class that meets for 4 hours a week is $400. Textbooks are not included, so students must purchase any textbook that is required for the course. The core curriculum classes (listening/speaking, reading, writing and grammar) meet for approximately 4 hours each week for a period of eight weeks, for a total of 32 hours of instruction. However, reading and writing are taught as a block, so students interested in taking these classes must attend both classes and pay for 2 classes at $400 per class. Some elective classes meet for only two hours a week for a total of 16 hours of instruction, and these classes cost $200 per class. Part-time students pay a reduced registration fee of only $80 for each 8-week session in spring and fall and $40 for each 4-week session in summer, and this fee covers enrollment in up to five classes per session.  Applicants must also submit a copy of their visa before enrolling in class. If you have questions, please contact us by email at

F-2 visa holders can now study in the IEP from 4-16 hours a week! If you are an F-2 visa holder and you are paying your own tuition, you may be eligible to receive a discount. Please contact the director for more information.