Summer 2020 Courses


UNIV 1201: Learning for Success at the University (Session II)

This course provides students opportunities to obtain skills that lead to success in college and beyond including learning how to learn, motivation, critical and creative thinking, decision-making, identity development, wellness, and career choice. The hallmark of this course will be an active-learning environment focused on applications of skills and content.

UNIV1205E Learning Online: Strategies, Skills, and Success (Session I)

This course prepares students enrolled in UGA online courses how to use the web for successful college experiences.  The course covers navigating online resources and services; using online tools for time management and organization; developing strategies for online learning; searching for content; and, evaluating the credibility of online information.

UNIV 2301: Transformative Learning Strategies (Thru Term)

This course will assist students in developing the skills needed to learn intentionally across academic disciplines and career fields. Through videos, class discussions, and reflections students will investigate how the brain functions, practice a variety of deep learning strategies, and explore how to meaningfully integrate learning into life.

UNIV 2302E: Success for Transfer Students (Session II)

This seminar provides students opportunities in writing, reading, research, speaking, and listening strategies to aid successful participation in the University of Georgia’s unique and distinctive learning environment and programs of study. Designed specifically to assist students during their transfer experience, the course will introduce students to key campus resources as well as the missions, purpose, and character of the University. Purposefully selected texts, news articles, research articles, and guest speakers as well as campus events will provide the materials for seminar exchanges. Attention will be given to the role of the student at UGA and the importance of attendance, punctuality, preparation, and participation in University classrooms.


UNIV 2113: Developing Literacies in the STEM Fields (Thru Term)

This course presents the fundamental principles, applications, and processes of becoming literate within STEM fields. Students will be able to interpret and critically analyze different forms of data and results. Student will also explore and analyze some of the world’s problems from the perspectives of STEM inquiry.

UNIV 2114: Developing Literacies in the Pre-Professional Majors (Session II)

This course will provide an overview of the professions that require specific advanced level education for entry into the profession (e.g., medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, business). Students will be exposed to the ways in which practitioners in these professions create and interpret written/delivered information and communicate with other practitioners and stakeholders.



UNIV 1108: Introduction to Data Analysis (Session 1)

Offered as a preparatory course intended to be taken before MATH 1101, this class discusses the concepts of analyzing and describing real-world data using statistics, mathematical models, and other quantitative tools.