Megan Brock

megan brock profileDr. Megan P. Brock serves as a Lecturer at the Division of Academic Enhancement, as well as an Academic Coach at the University of Georgia. In both roles, she finds ways to provide students with a more meaningful educational experience. 

While obtaining her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology her focus was set on research, but later she found herself becoming invested in helping students find academic success. “I was much more concerned with the student that would come in tired, who wouldn't engage in school.” said Dr. Brock. She gravitated towards helping students build useful skills through a more personal connection. As a lecturer, she implements an adaptable teaching style to meet the needs of her students and get them out of their comfort zone. 

Dr. Brock knows that students face obstacles beyond the classroom and may need support to find resources or build skills that help them become resilient. “I think student success is reaching whatever goals that students have for themselves. Ideally I would like them to walk away being transformed by their educational experiences.”