Unit Peer Learning Assistants

DAE & Unit PLAs: Within the Division of Academic Enhancement, we recommend all peers assisting in classroom instruction be called peer learning assistants in keeping with the term used by the Active Learning Initiative and the DAE. Instructors interested in applying for PLAs in their classroom may apply directly to the Division of Academic Enhancement’s PLA program. Alternatively, they may register with the DAE to have Unit-PLAs. Both DAE and Unit-PLAs will have similar roles, but the Unit-PLAs will operate independently in certain aspects (details below). If a peer learning assistant is hired directly through the DAE, they will be called DAE PLAs, while those hired by a unit will be referred to as Unit PLAs. If a unit is interested in having a unit-based peer learning assistants program funded through the Office of Instruction, this program will need to register through the DAE here).



Unit PLAs


The Office of Active Learning funds the DAE PLA Program

The Units can either fund their program or apply for Teaching Enhancement Funds through the Office of Instruction


  • PLAs will only be assigned in classes in which full-time faculty of any rank are the instructor of record
  • PLAs must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program of study at UGA.


  • PLAs will be present at all class meetings
  • PLAs will not conduct class meetings, study sessions, or office hours without the instructor of record being present
  • PLAs will not review any submitted assessments
  • PLAs feedback on any unsubmitted assignments should not be considered part of the formal grading feedback for the course. 
  • At no time should a PLA view the student’s grades in the course.

Recruitment, Hiring, and Pay

The DAE is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and paying all DAE PLAs (instructors have a say in the selection process).

The Unit will recruit, hire, and pay all Unit PLAs. DAE can assist with recruiting Unit-PLAs by hosting a link on its website to all Unit-PLA programming. 

Hourly Rate

The DAE pays PLAs at least $11.00 per hour, and PLAs can work five to seven hours a week.

Unit PLA programs registered with the DAE must offer PLAs an hourly rate of at least $11.00 an hour.


The first semester a student serves as a PLA, they are required to take a one-credit course titled UNIV 1204, “Preparing for Peer Learning.”

PLAs will be trained through the DAE’s UNIV 1204 course.


In addition to training, the DAE requires instructors to meet with their PLAs at least once a week. To learn more about how to best mentor and utilize PLAs in the classroom, CTL offers programming for PLA faculty.

In addition to training, Unit PLA instructors should meet with their PLAs at least once weekly. To learn more about how to best mentor and utilize PLAs in the classroom, Unit PLAs are welcome to attend the CTL programming for PLA faculty.


The DAE PLA team directly monitors the DAE PLA program.

Unit PLAs will be offered funding through Teaching Enhancement Funds in future years based on, among other things, compliance with these standards.