Study Pods

Study pods are weekly, 1.5 hour meetings which help provide a high level of support in a more structured and time-intensive tutoring experience. They are comprised of a small group of students, all of whom are enrolled in a single course, and a Peer Tutor.

PLaTO accepts Study Pod participants throughout the semester. Any student currently enrolled in a course for which a Study Pod is offered can join the Study Pod through Penji.

In order to join a Study Pod, download Penji, available on iOS and Android, and create an account using your email address.

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What is a Study Pod?

Study Pods give students the opportunity to meet weekly with a Peer Tutor and up to 5 other students currently enrolled in the course. Regular meetings help build rapport and provide a high-level of support in a more structured and time intensive tutoring experience. Students may be enrolled in multiple Study Pods per semester, provided that they are currently enrolled in the course.

All Study Pods are first-come, first-serve, so you may not always find an availability that works with your schedule. If your course is not supported by Peer Tutoring, then you should complete the Peer Tutoring Course Request form.

Online Study Pods

After joining an online Study Pod, you will receive an email from Penji with a personalized GoBoard ID or Zoom URL. This information is also available within the Session Details of your appointment within the app. When your Study Pod session is scheduled to begin, you will use that link to access your GoBoard or Zoom. After enabling your camera and microphone, you can communicate with your Peer Tutor and other students in the Study Pod as if you were in the same room. You also have the capability to send screenshots through GoBoard and to write and draw whatever you may need to.

Missing a Study Pod Session

Study Pod participation is reserved for those actively registered for the Study Pod. Due to the nature of Study Pods, Study Pod sessions cannot be rescheduled without prior approval from all members of the Study Pod and the Peer Tutor.

If you will be absent from a Study Pod session, you will need to notify your Peer Tutor via the Penji app or email.

Missing a Study Pod session, being late to a Study Pod session, and/or leaving a Study Pod session early four times in a semester will result in your removal from the Study Pod. Please note that non-documented illnesses and non-UGA sanctioned events do not justify missing a Study Pod session and will not excuse your absence.

Peer Tutoring Study Pod List

CHEM 1210, 1211, 1212, 2211, 2212

PHYS 1111, 1112, 1211, 1251

BCMB 3100

BIOL 1107, 1108

CBIO 2200, 2210

GENE 3000, 3200

GEOG 1111

MIBO 3500

CSCI 1301, 1302, 2610, 2670, 2720

ENGR 2120

MATH 1101, 1113, 2250, 2260, 2500

STAT 2000, 2360 

ARAB 1002

FREN 2001

GRMN 1002

RUSS 1002

SPAN 1001, 1002, 1110, 2001, 2002

ACCT 2101, 2102

BUSN 4000

ECON 2105, 2106

FINA 3000

MSIT 3000

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Be aware that all tutoring services operate within Academic Honesty guidelines. For clarification regarding authorized assistance, contact the course instructor.

Our program and tutors are accredited through the College Reading and Learning Association which recognizes effective approaches to student learning.

For more information about the program email for a faster response time or call 706.542.0163.