BCMB 3100
BIOL 1107(E), 1108
BIOS 2010
CBIO 2200, 2210
CHEM 1210(E), 1211, 1212, 2211, 2212

The Academic Resource Center offers academic support for a range of science courses – from Organic Chemistry to Microbiology. Click through the sections below to explore all of our service formats.


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Course Tutors
BCMB 3100 Archit Patel                    Nick Tedrow
BIOL 1107
BIOL 1108
Chandini Kannan          Darshti Patel
Dema Salih                   Lina Nguyen
BIOS 2010 Sarah Hartley
CBIO 2200
CBIO 2210
Sarah Hollifield
CHEM 1210 Brittany Sheffield          David Durden
Madison San Nicolas   Nick Tedrow
Raquel Hazzard           Xena Mansoura
CHEM 1211 Adanze Nnyagu            Brittany Sheffield
Cameron Paschal        Chandini Kannan
Chris Jackson              David Durden
Dema Salih                  Dhruvi Patel
Grayson Beasley         Julian Walton
Lina Nguyen                Madison San Nicolas
Nick Tedrow                 Raquel Hazzard
Xena Mansoura
CHEM 1212 Adanze Nnyagu           Briana Purves
Brittany Sheffield          Cameron Paschal
Chandini Kannan         Chris Jackson
David Durden               Dema Salih
Dhruvi Patel                 Grayson Beasley
Julian Walton                Lina Nguyen
Madison San Nicolas    Nick Tedrow
Raquel Hazzard            Sarah Kye
Xena Mansoura
CHEM 2211 Adanze Nnyagu            
Briana Purves               Brittany Sheffield
Cameron Paschal         Chris DeAngelis
Chris Jackson               David Durden
Dema Salih                   Dhruvi Patel
Grayson Beasley          Julian Walton
Lina Nguyen                 Madison San Nicolas
Nick Tedrow                 Sarah Kye
Xena Mansoura
CHEM 2212 Adanze Nnyagu            
Briana Purves               Cameron Paschal
Chris DeAngelis            Chris Jackson
Dema Salih                   Dhruvi Patel
Grayson Beasley          Lina Nguyen
Madison San Nicolas    Nick Tedrow
Xena Mansoura


Course Time and Location
CHEM 1210
CHEM 1211
CHEM 1212
CHEM 2211
CHEM 2212
Mon - Thurs, 11 am - 9 pm
Fri, 11 am - 3 pm
Academic Resource Center
Mon - Wed, 6 - 9 pm
Russell Academic Center,
Room 124
CBIO 2200
CBIO 2210
Tues, 5-7 pm
Milledge Hall, Room 113
BIOS 2010 Thur, 7-9 pm
Milledge Hall, Room 107
BCMB 3100 Tues, 6 - 8 pm
Milledge Hall, Room 111

Study Pods are weekly, 1.5-hour small group meetings with a tutor. Pod registration takes place throughout the semester.


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For more information on any of these services, please visit the Academic Resource Center’s Frequently Asked Questions.