Become A Peer Tutor

Peer Learning and Teaching Others (PLaTO) is proud to employ over 90 graduate and undergraduate peer tutors.

Individuals who tutor through PLaTO come from a variety of academic backgrounds and majors but share a common passion for serving their peers and the UGA community through knowledge sharing, encouragement, and academic support.

Tutors are selected through a competitive application process and materials are reviewed regularly based on changes in tutoring demand and staffing.

There is no deadline to apply and all application materials are kept on hand one year from application date for future consideration.

Pay: Tutors receive $9.50/hour, course credit for the UNIV 1204 pedagogy course, CRLA accreditation and experiential learning credit (depending on school/college).

Tutor job requirements include:

  • Hold a minimum 3.25 overall GPA 
  • Must have completed one semester of classes at UGA
  • Tutor a minimum of 5 courses and/or 3 subjects 
  • Seek a recommendation in each subject for which you are applying
  • Received an A or B in each course for which you are applying

To qualify for a peer tutor position, you must:

  • Work anywhere from 8 to 20 hours/week
  • Be able to commit to working a regular schedule 
  • Enroll in and complete UNIV 1204 (1-hr course credit) course (unless you have already completed UNIV 1204, FCID 3100 or BIOL 3910) 
    • By taking this training course, you will receive tutor accreditation through the College Reading and Learning Association
    • Students cannot register for the course prior to being hired as a tutor and may have to enroll in the course the following semester
  • Attend general training at the beginning of each semester
  • Complete ongoing trainings with PLaTO Graduate Assistants or DAE faculty
  • Have excellent communication skills and a patient approach to explaining concepts 
  • Be able to recognize when to make referrals to appropriate campus resources when assistance beyond a tutor's qualifications is needed

To apply to become a peer tutor:

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Tutor for the upcoming semester, please apply a semester in advance. For example, we hire Fall tutors at the end of the Spring semester. 

Please note, all application materials must be submitted online via the links below.

  • Complete a tutor application form online
  • Seek a faculty or teaching assistant recommendation for each of the subjects to be tutored
    • Students do not need a separate recommendation for each course. However separate recommendations are required for each subject.
    • A recommendation from a Math instructor would be sufficient for MATH 1101 and MATH 1113. However, a student interested in tutoring Chemistry and Biology courses would need separate recommendations from an instructor in each of those departments.
    • Instructors will be emailed directly with a link to complete their reference form once your application has been completed.