Appointment Tutoring

UGA students can schedule up to eight hours of individualized appointments each week, including specialized writing assistance. Appointments can be booked back-to-back, if needed.

In order to make an appointment, download Penji, available on iOS and Android, and create an account using your email address.

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What is an Appointment?

Appointments give students an opportunity to meet with a Peer Tutor individually to review and discuss course content. Appointments can be scheduled for either 30 minutes or 1 hour and are held both in-person at locations across campus and online via Zoom or GoBoard. All appointments are first-come, first-serve. 

Online Appointments

After scheduling an online appointment, you will receive an email from Penji with a personalized GoBoard ID or Zoom URL. This information is also available in the Session Details section of your scheduled appointment within the app. When your appointment is scheduled to begin, you will use that link to access your GoBoard or Zoom. After enabling your camera and microphone, you can communicate with your Peer Tutor as if you were in the same room. You also have the capability to send screenshots through GoBoard and to write and draw whatever you may need to.

Weekly Appointments 

With Penji, students are able to book weekly 30 minute or 1 hour appointments with a Peer Tutor. Similar to enrolling in a Study Pod, if you book a weekly appointment, then you are expected to attend every meeting. Students who cancel or miss their weekly appointment meeting will lose their weekly appointment time for the remainder of the semester.  

Cancelling or Missing an Appointment

While appointments can be cancelled at any time via the Penji app or webpage, students are responsible for cancelling their appointments and should cancel an appointment prior to the appointment start time. Students who do not cancel an appointment prior to the start of the appointment and do not attend the appointment are considered a "No-Show." Missing an appointment, arriving 15 minutes late to an appointment, and/or leaving an appointment early four times within a semester will result in a 30-day suspension period. After each "No-Show," an email will be sent to the student to remind them of the policy. 

Tutor Misses Appointment

If your tutor does not show up to a scheduled appointment in Penji on time, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. If your tutor does not arrive on time for the appointment, then you should message them using Penji's chat feature to let them know that you are present for the appointment and are waiting for them to begin the session.

After 15 minutes beyond the listed start time have passed, if your tutor still has not begun the session, then you should "Report a Problem" in Penji using the following steps: 

1. In the top right corner of the "Session Details" click the three dots and select "Report a Problem" from the menu.  
2. Fill in the Course Subject and Number (ex. CHEM 2212) and include a brief description of the problem. For example, "I messaged my tutor in Penji and didn't receive a response. They didn't show up to begin the appointment within 15 minutes of the listed start time." 
3. Submit the report and Penji will send an email to so that we are aware of the situation. 
4. Schedule a new session with a different tutor. 

Be aware that all tutoring services operate within Academic Honesty guidelines. For clarification regarding authorized assistance, contact the course instructor.

Our program and tutors are accredited through the College Reading and Learning Association which recognizes effective approaches to student learning.

For more information about the program email for a faster response time or call 706.542.0163.