Graduate Student Resources

The Division of Academic Enhancement offers several resources and services for UGA's graduate students. Whether you need writing assistance or are looking for ways to connect with other graduate students in a small group workshop, DAE is ready to support all graduate students at UGA. Click through our programs below to learn more.

DAE provides online (asynchronous) writing tutoring by appointment to UGA’s graduate students, IEP students, visiting scholars, and visiting diplomats.

For Fall 2023, graduate writing tutoring will begin on August 23rd and will conclude on December 13th.

Use of Graduate Writing Resources 

Patrons of DAE’s Graduate Writing Tutoring do not have to participate at the time of an online appointment, but patrons do need to submit a document in .doc or .docx format to the appropriate e-mail address before the confirmed appointment time. For example, for a 9:00 a.m. appointment, a patron could submit the document to the appropriate e-mail address on the night before the appointment. After requesting an appointment, please look for a confirmation e-mail message from your tutor with instructions, including the appropriate address to e-mail the document to. 

Meet Our Graduate Writing Tutors

Garrison Bickerstaff

Sayamon Singto

Other Info

Click here to request an appointment. Please request a maximum of two online appointments between Monday and Sunday of each week.

If you have any questions, email Garrison Bickerstaff at 

Graduate students seeking assistance with giving presentations or public speaking can make an appointment with our Communications Consultant via DAE's Presentation Collaboratory

Appointments can be made by downloading our Penji app.

DAE partners with the Graduate School to provide Student Success Workshops for UGA graduate students each semester. For more information on Student Success Workshops, click here. 


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