Additional Information

These links will have additional information on test preparation.


Making it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel.  This website provides several examples of how mind-maps can reveal and explain complex information like that which explains how we effectively learn and prepare for exams in college.   Many students will create mind-maps as an active learning strategy to prepare for tests and exams.  The mind-maps on this website provide examples of how you might re-create and re-organize your notes from lecture, labs, syllabus, and readings in preparation for tests and exams.


Preparing for Exams (PDF)—Have a plan and execute it! This resource from Princeton University provides guidance and overall instruction on how to create a test / final exam preparation plan and effective ways for executing your plan(s).


Learning at the college level is often described by Bloom’s Taxonomy.  This resource provides descriptive explanations and action words of what it actually means for us as students.  Review Master the Content to apply the meanings of Bloom’s Taxonomy as you study and prepare for each (different) test and exam.