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How one prepares for tests at UGA will often separate the A’s from B’s and C’s, etc.  As you are in the process of becoming a professional learner in college, you must do more than simply practice recall, recitation, and self-testing in preparation for your tests and exams at the University of Georgia.  Dense, detailed, and voluminous content will require a broad array of strategies for you to adequately categorize, recall, and interpret information for your professors.  In most classes, you will be challenged to integrate, evaluate, apply, and explain what you’re learning to prove that you have mastered the content in each course.  Practice solving test-like questions under test-like conditions is one of the best sets of strategies you can use in college to prepare for all kinds of tests and exams, but since your content, professors, and academic tests will vary, you must learn several different ways to implement these strategies.  Our DAE academic coaches are in place to help you identify, develop, and hone these strategies.  This section of our website is designed to introduce you to just a few new ways in which you might better apply your time, efforts and energies as you prepare for the rigorous tests and exams at UGA.