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Development of verbal and nonverbal skills is necessary for a student’s success during and after college. Honing your verbal and nonverbsl communication skills with the Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) can help you to build confidence in your public speaking, overcome communication apprehension, gain knowledge of persuasive nonverbals, and competently communicate in interpersonal interactions. The verbal and nonverbal activities and apps within this section can improve your overall academic presentation in the classroom, advance your communication skills, and lay the foundation for strong public speaking skills and interpersonal skills in the workplace after college. Moreover, our communications consultant and the presentation collaboratory are available to help with not only speech and presentation development and design, but also execution and delivery of your speech. In addition, assistance with verbal and nonverbal skills outside of speech and classroom presentations are available to you. Visit Milledge Hall to schedule your FREE presentation collaboratory service with our communications consultant. Support for undergraduate and graduate student services are available.