Stamper Scholars

The Stamper Scholars Program welcomed its inaugural cohort of sixteen students in the fall of 2019. The program provides a robust collegiate experience for scholars with participation in the Freshman College Summer Experience, experiential learning grants to support learning outside the classroom, and a unique cohort-based approach to student success from start to finish. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years and comes with a variety of programs and resources to support student success. The program was established through a generous contribution to the Commit to Georgia campaign.



All students who submit their financial aid application, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA via UGA Office of Student Financial Aid), are automatically reviewed for eligibility for the Stamper Scholars Program. The Office of Student Financial Aid will email students who are eligible to become a Stamper Scholar and may request additional documents to verify their aid eligibility.



The summer before beginning their journey at UGA, incoming Scholars receive an invitation to attend Freshman College Summer Experience (FCSE). The FCSE program fee, housing, and meal plan are paid in full for Stamper Scholars, so we strongly encourage our incoming Scholars to take advantage of this unique, academic residential program. Each fall, we welcome new Scholars to campus through a Scholars Success Day and invite them to enroll in an innovative UNIV course to assist with the transition into higher education. Beyond a scholarship, the Stamper Scholars Program surrounds students with major-specific resources, networking opportunities, and intentional campus partnerships across units like academic advising, experiential learning, study abroad, and career services.

For more information, please contact Chloe Connor in the Division of Academic Enhancement via email at or call (706) 542-9793.