All Freshman College participants will attend the UGA Orientation session designated for Freshman College participants (June 24-25) prior to the start of the program. This Orientation session is designated for Freshman College participants only. Please visit orientation.uga.edu for details about UGA’s First Year Orientation.

During Orientation you will:

  • Meet your fellow Freshman College participants.
  • Meet with your assigned Orientation Leader to ask questions and discuss the UGA experience that lies ahead.
  • Meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss both summer and fall classes.
  • Register for your summer and fall classes.

Immunization Information

The completed Mandatory Immunization History form needs to be submitted to the University Health Center at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session. This will ensure that you are permitted to register for your classes while you attend Orientation. If you have not received all of the required immunizations and submitted this information to the University Health Center you will not be allowed to register during Orientation! Visit https://www.uhs.uga.edu/info/forms for information about the requirements for new students.

Verification of Lawful Presence

Based on new requirements from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, admission to UGA is contingent upon the verification of a student’s lawful presence in the United States. Prior to enrollment, all admitted students must have their presence verified.

The Office of Admissions will use their online Status Check to inform students that the documentation related to lawful presence verification has been received. While the ability to sign up for Orientation is dependent upon payment of your Commitment Deposit, Orientation attendance will not depend on whether or not a student’s lawful presence has been verified. If you attend Orientation without the proper clearance, you may still meet with your academic advisor, but students will not be allowed to register for classes until the proper documentation is received. Information about the necessary procedures and documentation for Verification of Lawful Presence can be found here.

Students with Disabilities

UGA is committed to providing access for individuals with disabilities. If you are a individual with a disability and require assistive devices, services, or other accommodations to participate in New Student Orientation, please contact the Orientation office at least two weeks prior to your assigned Orientation session.

Students requesting accommodations for placement testing, accommodations for Freshman College, and accommodations for the academic year must register with the Disability Resource Center. For more information regarding academic accommodations and resources for students with disabilities please contact the Disability Resource Center at 706-542-8719. For more information please visit the Disability Resource Center website: http://drc.uga.edu/.