Summer English Program

To enter the Graduate School at UGA, all international students must demonstrate their language proficiency.

International students can do this by:

  • Achieving an overall score of at least 80 on the TOEFL iBT test or a score of 6.5 on the IELTS test
  • Scoring a minimum score of at least 20 on each part (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) of the TOEFL iBT test

Many students can make the overall score of 80, but they struggle to reach 20 on the speaking part of the TOEFL exam. Departments can nominate new graduate students to take the Summer Program if they have the overall score they need but have scored only 18 or 19 on the speaking part of the exam.

This four-week (second-session) summer program is for new graduate students who have been nominated for the program by the Graduate School and who will enter Graduate School in the fall semester. The program provides intensive coaching in speaking and pronunciation as well as a class in writing at the graduate level. Please note that this program is only for new students who have been nominated by their departments, and students must apply for this program no later than May 15.