Student Housing

Renting an Apartment in Athens

Currently, there is no housing available on the UGA Campus, so you will need to stay in an apartment or hotel while you are studying in the UGA Intensive English Program. Apartments in Athens cost around $400 to $1000 per month for one person. Renters usually have to sign a year-long lease agreement, and it can be difficult to find short-term rentals (such as eight weeks or 16 weeks).

When you choose your accommodation, you will be signing contract with the hotel or rental company. Be very careful about signing agreements online because you will be signing a legal contract and you could lose a lot of money if you change your mind and decide you do not want to stay there. Lease agreements are a private agreement between you and the hotel or rental company, and the Intensive English Program is not responsible if you want to change the agreement or if you have a problem. However, we will help you to communicate with the company so that you can find a place to live before you arrive in Athens.

There are many apartments available in Athens, and most people are able to find a good apartment within 2 or 3 days.

Short-term Accommodation Options (4 weeks to 6 months)

Airbnb.  Airbnb is a website that allows people to rent a room in their home or even an entire apartment.  Some of our students have found good places to stay through airbnb.  Most (but not all) rooms are furnished, and the utilities (water, electricity, and gas for heating) are usually included.  Internet may or may not be included.  Often the people renting the rooms will give a big discount if you are going to stay for several weeks.  You can find out more information at the Airbnb website.  It might also be possible to stay in an airbnb room for a short time while you are looking for another apartment to rent.

InTown Suites. Currently, the only place in Athens that offers affordable 8-week rates is InTown Suites.  However, this is an economy hotel/apartment building. It is in need of renovation and it is not a very nice looking place to stay.  However, the location is convenient, and it is affordable as the rooms start at $220 per week. (If you are travelling with a friend who can share a room with you, this would be an economical option.)

Contact us for more information!  We have a list of apartments where students have found accommodation in the past.  Please email us at to get more suggestions on where to find housing.

Transportation from Your Apartment to UGA

If you do not plan to buy a car, you should consider how you will get from your apartment to UGA.  If the apartment is close to UGA, it might be on the UGA bus line.  UGA buses are free, so it will not cost you anything to travel on UGA buses. UGA buses usually run 3 or 5 times every hour.  Check out their website to see the UGA bus routes.  Remember that the schedule could be different in the break between UGA semesters (called the intercession schedule).

If you live farther away from the UGA campus, your apartment may be on the Athens Transit bus line.  Athens Transit buses are NOT FREE.  You will have to pay about $3 each day to travel to UGA and home again.  The Athens Transit schedule shows you where the Athens Transit buses go and how often they run. Athens Transit buses usually only run once every hour, and they do not run after 6 PM in the evening.

You should consider the cost and the convenience of transportation when you choose your apartment.