UNIV1205E: Learning Online – Strategies Skills, and Success

Course Description 

This 1-credit hour course prepares students enrolled in UGA online courses how to use the web for successful college experiences. The course covers navigating online resources and services; using online tools for time management and organization; developing strategies for online learning; searching for content; and evaluating the credibility of online information. 

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Course Learning Objectives 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Optimize their learning preferences and mindsets when engaging with online courses and content.  
  • Navigate UGA’s wealth of online resources, services, and systems, as well as computer and software use in college life.  
  • Utilize the science of motivation to avoid procrastination and the use of strategies and internet tools to enhance time management and organization to their advantage in learning online.  
  • Locate and use contemporary tools and strategies of online group work, meetings, feedback, and project management.  
  • Autonomously navigate library databases and tools, and determine the relevance and accuracy of online content.  
  • Explore and utilize online resources and tools to enhance learning and motivation with textual sources (i.e., online readings) and multimedia sources (i.e., podcasts and online videos). 


Course Syllabi