bernard green


Bernard Green serves as the Coordinator of Scholars' Initiatives where he works with both Georgia Commitment Scholars and Correll Scholars. In his role, Bernard provides programming and support for over 400 students.

As a first generation student himself, Bernard understands the importance of individualized support for students as they navigate through their time at University of Georgia. To him, student success isn't just about being able to find a job once you graduate. "I think that students should come to college with the intent to learn how to learn."

Bernard believes successful students develop skills in all areas of their lives, not solely in the classroom. "I always tell my students that its not about where you start, but about where you finish. Their degree is only the foundation of their success but I want to help them develop tools to keep building their success once they leave UGA."

If you're interested in learning more about Bernard, Georgia Commitment Scholars, or Correll Scholars, email him at