Innovations Group

In February 2017, the Division of Academic Enhancement asked various members of the University of Georgia community to serve on its Innovations Group (IG) to advise the Director, provide feedback on forthcoming programs, initiatives, and services and carry the message of the Division's commitment to students to their respective circles. 

Regular meetings of the IG allow this group to discover the trajectory of Division's new vision and time to give critical feedback as to how this renewed mission impacts their areas.

2019-2020 members
Mary Bedell, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Birch, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Maggie Blanton, Division of Academic Enhancement
Beate Brunow, Division of Student Affairs
Julia Butler-Mayes, Academic Advising Services
Robin Catmur-Smith, Office of International Education
Larry Cloud, New Student Orientation
Lindsay Coco, Division of Academic Enhancement
Nicholas Colvard, Division of Academic Enhancement
Silvia Giraudo, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Chase Hagood, Division of Academic Enhancement
Zack Hanville, Division of Academic Enhancement
Michele Howard, Division of Student Affairs
Judy Iakovu, Office of Instruction
Justin Jeffrey, International Student Life
Anthony Jones, Office of Student Financial Aid
Sherontae Maxwell, Division of Academic Enhancement
David Meyers, Fanning Institute for Leadership Development
Kristen Miller, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Diane Miller, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Judy Milton, Graduate School

Megan Mittelstadt, Center for Teaching and Learning
Naomi J. Norman, Office of Instruction and Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Andrew Owsiak, School of Public and International Affairs
Rachel Pharr, Division of Academic Enhancement
Alex Pinckney, Division of Academic Enhancement
Alton Standifer, Office of the President
Tori Tanner, New Student Orientation
Patrick Winter, Office of Undergraduate Admissions