Office of Information Technology

Requesting Support

To request support, please submit a ticket by e-mailing Please follow this process for all requests.

On-site support is available from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

After-Hours Support

Requests after 4:00 PM may receive a response the following business day. Weekend requests are answered Monday morning.

Employee Hire

When an employee is hired, the responsible manager must submit a ticket when an employment offer is accepted. Please include the following information with this request:

  • The employee's preference: Mac or PC, and approval for purchase
  • The employee's office location
  • The employee's MyID
  • Any file share and copier access needed by the employee

Employee Separation

When an employee leaves the Division, the responsible manager should notify the IT office via ticket with the employee's separation date and MyID.

Systems Access

If you require access to any of the following systems, please submit a ticket.

  • Adobe
  • Cadence
  • Qualtrics
  • Slack
  • Websites (,,
  • Copiers
  • DAE file shares

Zoom Webinar License

If you require access to a Zoom webinar license, please submit a ticket as far in advance as reasonable so this can be scheduled/locked-in for your use.

Website Updates

If you require updates to a web page, please send the required edits along with a link to the respective pages that require edits.