Ticketing System

In order to better support Faculty and Staff of the Division, please submit a ticket to daeit@uga.edu for all requests. You will receive a response from the DAEIT team within 24-48 business hours. Tickets MUST be sent from a uga.edu email or else they will not be registered in the ticketing system. Please do not CC Nathan Webb when submitting a ticket.

After Hours Support

Our hours at 9:00 AM-4:00 PM any tickets put in before 9:00 AM or after 4:00 PM, will be checked during normal business hours the following day. We cannot guarantee a response outside of those times.


Please call Nathan Webb at 706-542-0465 or his cell (if not in the office) if an emergency occurs. An emergency is considered something that completely halts an employee’s ability to do their work. For example, no Internet access in your Milledge office; computer will not turn on; etc. If you can continue various elements of your work, please submit a ticket.

Items we can not support

  • Personal devices ie; personal laptop/ipad, Cell phone, Home Internet, home printers
  • Classroom setups (we do support the computers in the Russell Academic Center)
  • Wifi in Milledge Hall

Faculty/Staff Loaner Equipment

Due to COVID-19, please submit a ticket 72-84 hours before a device is needed. This will give the DAEIT team enough time to find a device and perform proper updates. We cannot guarantee a device will be available due to current remote/hyflex operations.

New Employee setups

Assistant Directors/Coordinators need to submit a ticket when an employment offer is accepted with the employee's preference of either Windows or MacOS. This gives the DAEIT Staff time to make sure they are successful on their first day at work. Other items needed include: the employee’s UGA MyID, server access, and start date.

Departing Employee

When an employee is leaving the Division of Academic Enhancement, DAEIT needs to know (as early as possible) the final date of employment. That information gives DAEIT enough time to make sure the employee has turned in all equipment and can terminate all appropriate access (e.g., servers) their final day.

System Access

If you need access to any of the following systems, please submit a ticket to daeit@uga.edu.

  • Adobe
  • Cadence
  • copiers/scanners
  • DAE shared drive(s)
  • dae.uga.edu
  • firstgen.uga.edu
  • Qualtics
  • reacting.uga.edu

Zoom Webinar Room

At DAE we only have one Zoom Webinar room, please send a ticket to daeit@uga.edu as soon as possible to avoid to request for the same day. You will be assigned the Webinar room 2 days before you Webinar so you can get it set up and run through your practice sessions. Should any issues arise please let DAEIT know so we can help work through the issues.