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Student Success Workshops are offered by the Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) each fall and spring semester and provide a comfortable environment where students can feel free to ask questions and engage with academic coaches, mentors, and peers.

Workshops are often supported by the Housing Academic Team (HAT). HAT is a collaboration between University Housing, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the DAE.


Student Success Workshops for Fall 2017:

Withdrawing from a Class?? Consider ALL the Consequences

The spring semester class withdrawal deadline is Monday, March 20th, at 11:59pm.  Although withdrawing from a class may seem like a great option if you are not doing well in a class, the consequences must be considered.  At this workshop students will learn about how withdrawing from a class can impact financial aid, HOPE eligibility, progression thru major, and overall degree completion.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

In the Know at UGA

Transitioning to UGA, as an incoming freshman or transfer student can feel like an overwhelming process.  In this workshop, CARE specialists share fifteen essentials for student success in getting acclimated to the UGA campus.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Succeeding in Chemistry (Practical Strategies Workshop)

In this workshop, students will learn fifteen practical steps and strategies to succeed in chemistry at UGA.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Efficient Reading Strategies (Active Learning Lab)

This workshop will help students boost their ability to better comprehend dense materials and the complex information as required for mastery in college. Students will learn to prepare methodically, read with a purpose, navigate confidently, and appropriately manage the pace of various reading assignments and texts.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Preparing for Terry: The ETS Exam (Practical Strategies Workshop)

As pre-business students transition to UGA, our study strategies specialists provide guidance on taking the ETS Proficiency Profile entrance exam.  Students will learn test-taking strategies specific for this exam.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Communicating with UGA Faculty (Practical Strategies Workshop)

Students will learn how to appropriately engage with UGA faculty before, during, and after class, during office hours and via written communication (email).

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Studying in Groups (Active Learning Lab)

This workshop will help students learn how to leverage group study strategies as they seek to master the material and prepare for final exams.  Students will learn how to utilize the strengths of others and groups help compensate for individual members’ weaknesses.  Students will also learn the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of how to study in groups.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Time Management in the Space of Preparing for Final Exams

In this workshop, students will learn how to best manage multiple commitments, classes, and responsibilities i.e. time and priorities in preparation for final exams.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)

Formula for Success: Acing the Final in CHEM 1211

In this workshop, students will learn best practices, learning, and review strategies to prepare for the final exam in Chemistry 1211.

  • Dates / Times / Locations (coming soon!)


Additional Workshops available by Request:

Organizational Skills: Use Your Time and Space Effectively

Time flies, but that’s no reason for you to go through each day simply “winging it.”  Through conscientious use of time and commonsense planning, you can make the most of your day.  This presentation provides insights on organizing your space and effectively managing your time and priorities.

Vocabulary: Bolster the Basis of Complex Thinking

Accumulating a large and precise vocabulary can be an adventure.  If you’re equipped with the right tools and a sense of curiosity, you’ll have an exciting journey.  This presentation will help you cultivate an interest in words, adopt a proven system, choose the right tools, and expand your own domain of words.

Listening: Strengthen the Unsung Key to Communication

The majority of what you are going to learn at UGA will come through listening.  This presentation will help you make a conscious effort to listen and learn from lectures by staying actively involved.

Critical Thinking: Using Questions to Focus on Valuable Information

As the volume and rate of information overload continues to increase each year, we all must learn to effectively sift and decipher that (knowledge) which is most relevant, important, and reliable.  In this workshop you will learn how to use questions to help you narrow the focus on the most valuable information.

Resiliency: Learn How to Manage Stress

Attend this presentation to learn how to deflect stress and handle the pressure that seems to be an inescapable part of academic life.  These skills will help you thrive both as a student and as a human being.

Stress Management thru Mindfulness and Yoga

Dr. Debra Alvis from the Division of Academic Enhancement helps students use mindfulness and gentle yoga: easy, effective ways to manage stress. Calm mind and body to reduce stress and do your best work at UGA.

Keeping HOPE Alive

Mandy Branch from UGA’s Office of Student Financial Aid will provide answers to your questions so you can understand what is required to maintain the HOPE scholarship.

For more information about planning a Student Success Workshop, please contact Keith Allen at


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