Meals & Housing


The Freshman College program fee includes the cost of a participant’s seven-day summer meal plan for the duration of this summer semester. Participants will be assigned the Freshman College meal plan and make payment for the plan through Athena.

Meal Plans for the Academic Year
Meal plans for the 2017-2018 academic year (after Freshman College concludes) are available by calling 706-542-7130 or by visiting UGA Food Services.


Freshman College On-Campus Residency
Participants in Freshman College will live in Oglethorpe House. Please visit UGA Housing Oglethorpe House for more information.

Students must register for both fall and summer housing. Please register for summer and fall semesters as soon as admitted to Freshman College. All entering UGA students must register for on-campus housing by using The Dawg House on the UGA Housing website. There is no registration fee for summer, but participants should also register for fall semester and pay a non-refundable $35 registration fee.

When registering for fall, participants will be required to indicate three hall preferences (select Oglethorpe Housing as your first choice, and any two halls for choices two and three).  Participants will be assigned to Oglethorpe House with the same room and roommate for summer, fall, and spring semesters.

Summer Registration
Register for summer as soon as your are admitted to Freshman College. There is no registration fee for summer. Unless approved for an alternate housing assignment the requested roommate should match both the fall and summer registrations.

Duration of Assignment
All participants are housed in their on-campus housing assignment for the duration of the Freshman College program. The residence hall will be closed for the interim between Freshman College and the start of the fall semester. Freshman College residents with the same fall assignment will have to leave the building for the interim, but may leave belongings in the room.

Searching for a Roommate
Are you looking for a roommate? Fall registration in The Dawg House includes roommate search options. Participants may search specifically for other students by choosing the option “Browse by Profile Question” and limit searches to others who answered “yes” to planned participation in Freshman College. For assistance in finding a roommate contact the Housing Assignments Office. Make sure to communicate with the roommate to be sure he/she has been accepted into the program. Roommates cannot be paired until both have paid their UGA commitment deposit and Freshman College commitment deposit. 

Once you find a roommate for your fall registration you will need to manually add the roommate to your summer registration. For assistance, email Only mutual roommate requests will be honored.

Information will be sent to your UGA email account about your housing assignment. Residence hall contracts will be available late May/early June. Room number and roommate information will be available mid-June. Please remember that Freshman College participants must complete two residence hall contracts—one for Freshman College 2017 and one for the 2017-18 academic year.

Contact Information
For questions about the Freshman College program or application process, please contact the Freshman College office at 706-542-0697 or

For questions about housing contracts, assignment procedures, or residence hall opening and closing dates, please email the Housing Assignments Office at or call 706-542-1421 to speak with a housing representative.

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