Classes & Beyond


Freshman College participants register for 6 semester hours from a specific list of course offerings. Participants enroll in a 3 hour disciplinary course satisfying the general education curriculum, a 2 hour service learning course (UNIV 1103-S), and a 1 hour seminar (UNIV 1115).

The Freshman College courses provide academic credit toward graduation. Participants in Freshman College are responsible for completing their registered courses. The classroom requirements are demanding and require a focused commitment of time and effort.

Important Academic Details

A normal semester lasts approximately 15 weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Freshman College courses cover the same amount of material in 4 weeks. One day of class during Freshman College is the equivalent of one week of class during a regular semester.


In January 2018, a list of course offerings will be available on this page.



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